Las Vegas Certified Public Accountants

Swarts & Swarts is a Certified Public Accounting firm providing high quality financial accounting, consulting, and litigation services to a wide variety of clients. We are based in Southern Nevada, and provide highly personalized services at the highest level of technical competency and reliability to both local and national clientelle. 

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Our Professional Services Include:

Expert Witness/ Litigation

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Learn more about our Accounting and Bookkeeping services.

Trust and Estate Planning

Learn more about our Trust and Estate Planning services.


Learn more about our Receivership services.

until 2017 Individual Tax Deadline

until 2017 Corporate Tax Deadline

  • “George Swarts has been our financial advisor for nearly 30 years. Thanks George, Curtis, Mark and all the folks at Swarts & Swarts for your excellent work!”

    Al Jardine, one of the original Beach Boys

  • “Since 1971 George Swarts and then Swarts & Swarts have been servicing our company, as tax consultants and business advisors. We contribute our continued success to their outstanding professionalism and dedication.”

    Debbi Creel, CREEL Printing

  • “I have had the opportunity to work with Swarts & Swarts in a number of different capacities. Swarts & Swarts is my go to firm whenever I have the need for an accounting expert. The work is thorough, accurate and timely. Beyond expert witness services, I know their business knowledge and acumen to be unparalleled.”

    Aviva Y. Gordon, Esq., Gordon Law

  • “Swarts & Swarts have worked with me throughout the years as my business grew and also assisted me to stay compliant with many of the licensing challenges as our client base spanned the US in nearly every gaming jurisdiction. I can honestly recommend Swarts & Swarts to any and all companies that are in need of efficient, prompt and trustworthy accounting work.”

    Perry Stasi, VisuaLimits